Some Indications leading to potential issues, what do you do?

  • Climate Change leading to more extreme weather conditions resulting in rain and flooding in urban areas
  • Energy Saving needs due to global warmth effects and exhausting energy resources asking for more efficient usage of energy supplies
  • ‘Discrepancy’ matters regional water authorities have to deal with in relation to pollution using open surface water for business purposes or disposing chemicals and drugs or even worse when public health is at stake due to an overdose of chemicals in the sewage systems to be acted upon.
  • Inefficient asset management as a result of not being able to measure the needs, hence an overburden on the engines in the water pumps or using it wrongly due to not measuring water heights properly leading to overflows on agricultural land leading to claims due to misusage.
  • Systems obsolete not able to handle its tasks properly managing water flows properly


Solutions we have at Hand and Can Help you with Ireckon-W has several solutions at hand using the best technology available via smart algorithms and predictive models creating a data platform as a service including dashboarding to measure and analyse data that comes out of this enabling city asset managers to act accordingly both in a reactive and proactive manner taking adequate measures to ensure people keep dry feet and water systems are used in the best possible way creating a sustainable solution making cities smarter.


The Benefits we can create for you are sizeable

  • Using a solution we created would lead to Lower Energy Consumption using city assets in the right way at the right time.
  • Due to our predictive software we can predict when service is needed and could save significantly on Maintenance
  • Our solutions are quite simple in use, and user friendly enabling you to review, analyse and assist in making decisions needed
  • And due to the increase in extreme weather conditions, we can help to adapt city assets to climate changes.

Overall? We believe we can contribute to an increase in Sustainability and Livability using our technology Ireckon Water


The concept of a Smart City is the shift from the delivery of specific services to a citizen centric approach. This involves closer interaction between citizen and service providers - a genuine two-way process, which is more personalised; a much stronger recognition of, and response to, the strategic interdependencies of different services; and the drive for innovation – particularly digital delivery - emanating from the leaders of a city all the way through towards the civil servants and engineers. By combining data in a multi dimensional manner creating algorithms leading to solutions that were deemed to be not available and not possible, driving new insights and solutions.

This is what Ireckon Water embraces to assess the Smart City strategy in a holistic manner using its innovative technology via an open data platform as an enabler to truly create a sustainable city.

Why? Because we are Driven by Data!

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City Asset Risk Management

  • Modeling & Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance & Control
  • Data Harvesting & Dash Boarding
  • Risk Assessments/ Advisory
  • Asset Improvement using new developed IP (i.e. sensors, pumps, scada solutions)

Case Study

A train carrying chemicals derailed and caught fire, killing one and forcing hundreds to flee their homes as deadly fumes spread in Wetteren (Belgium) in 2013.

As a result of this disaster, the City of Breda wanted to investigate the impact of a disaster in their city. For this Breda did set up a project creating scenarios together with a Consortium to do research. This involved a number of schools a well and Ireckon was together with i-Sago one of the key players in this project.

A new model was set up using a set of algorithms to predict the effects of a disaster to measure the speed of toxic fluids and gases spreading via the sewage systems of Breda. Ireckon basically recalibrated the predictive models Breda was using providing new insights which are still used today as part of their operations.

Ireckon won the Eurocloud award in 2015 for this project. read more...

Urban Process Automation


Most bridges don’t optimally function: they open or close on the wrong moments or other errors occur.

By analyzing the data from the bridge we can find and solve this malfunctioning. We can add predictive functionality to the bridge, which results in predictive maintenance and predictive control.

In this way errors can be prevented and maintenance can be planned in advance, which will lead to a time- and cost reduction.

Urban Living Labs


Waterakkers is a natural water filter with a constructed wetland. The system functions completely automatic.

The area is undergoing a transition now to “Smart Waterakkers” where all data from the area and surroundings is being linked. This data is then used for predictive maintenance and predictive control of the water system.

Read our White Paper here

Smart Water Solutions

Smart Water Solutions

A smart watersystem that monitors the sewersystem is being developed by a consortium. A sensor is being put in a sewer, where it not only measures characteristics of the fluid but also of the pipe.

Next to this physical sensor, a platform is being developed where all data is visualized in dashboards.

The information this system produces can be used to discover illegal discharges, detect drugslabs or cannabis farms and implementation of the “polluter pays” principle.

Case Study

Smart City Water Systems recognized and supported by OPZuid(European Innovation Programme)

Two cities Breda and Roosendaal in conjunction with TU Delft to set up a Living Lab to develop a Smart System measuring and analyzing data in waste water.

This is indicated as highly relevant because:

  • Due to climate change resulting in heavy rainfall in combination with a relative increase of hard surface, sewage system capacity is pushed towards its maximum
  • maintenance of expensive infrastructure should be controlled and costs reduced
  • Environmental laws and regulations to be improved as well as enforcement to prevent illegal discharges, calamities
  • Increasing safety and sustainability

This innovative project focuses on the development of new hard and software resulting in a new marketable ring with sensors to be installed in the sewage system feeding into a data platform to create insight using multi dimensional analysis generating causal patterns in waste water in a city enabling a city council to manage water more effectively and efficiently


Haarlemmermeer into business

Ireckon are finalists in the 2015 computable awards-2015

Dutch IT Channel

Ireckon winners of Microsofts Partner of the Year Award 2015 read more...

Smarter Cities

Challengeds faced by cities today... read more

Ireckon!Water in action


Ireckon nominations for awards with Microsoft partner

Microsoft Awards

Partnering with Microsoft, Ireckon is growing in nomination and recognitions across awards read more...

Computable Award Nomination

With a strong footing in the water sector, Ireckon continue to progress into more award nominations read more...

"IReckon is a company which develops innovative smart water systems. In doing so, they work with very interesting and complementary partners. Their challenging views on smart city systems have lead to recognition by regional and even European grantor bodies.

As a company, they have an open culture which makes working with them very pleasant. Their open attitude makes it easy to communicate regarding our mutual projects which has enhanced our cooperation."

Liesbeth Kraajiveld

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We are based at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. This location is a great fit for ireckonU in a couple of ways. First, the focus on performance, speed and being ahead of the game matches our philosophy very well. Second, we are co-sponsor of the female professional cycling team Park Hotel, who we hope to see training at the stadium sometimes. But the main reason we’ve moved is that IreckonWater is a growing company and as we continue to add to our talented team, we want to make sure they have the space they need to focus on creative coding and solving our customers’ business needs. And it’s a very inspiring location for business meetings too.

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